Data science consulting department helps mobile phone manufacturer to improve sales in Japan

The strategic consulting group has worked with a major mobile phone manufacturer to improve their sales in Rakuten Ichiba, which is the leading e-commerce marketplace in Japan. The group worked with the mobile manufacturer in setting up their brand gateway page, a brand page, in Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten’s flagship e-commerce marketplace. The gateway page was optimized to acquire new customers and drive sales. The consulting group had set up the business growth framework for the client and defined key performance indicators for the new user acquisition funnel. Funnel analysis was performed several times using target plots and partial dependence plots. By helping the client with identifying the cohort of users to target, setting the framework and performance indicators for new user acquisition, and personalizing the content which is relevant for chosen users, the strategic consulting group helped the client to improve their sale of smartphones in Rakuten Ichiba