Empower businesses by working on their priority to monetize with data and artificial intelligence.

Rakuten has a dedicated department of consultants and data science experts who acts as the bridge between business, both internal to Rakuten and external national clients, and data science departments in Rakuten. The goal of the data science consulting team is to get a deep understanding of businesses and their pain points, brainstorm about the potential solutions considering the technologies available in Rakuten, devising a solution plan and discussing with data scientists about possible approaches, and finally sharing the solution approaches with the client for their validation. The consultant will go on to lead the proof of concept and later interface with data engineers and developers to develop and deploy the solution. There are several groups in the data science consulting department that deals with various domains of data consulting, like e-commerce, travel, fintech, mobile and communication, logistics, etc.

Culmination of deep business understanding and technological strengths of Rakuten has helped the data science consulting team in successfully empowering businesses.

The data science consulting department has four main sub-divisions, namely, Behavior Insight Analytics Section (BIAS) which provide robust insights and solutions to help achieve businesses’ strategic objectives, Communication & Energy Consulting Section(CECS) that provide consulting through AI/Data solutions to C&E Company, especially Rakuten Mobile business, Fintech Consulting Section (FCS) which empowers fintech businesses and accelerates monetization and realization of data value chain, and Strategic Business Consulting Section (SBCS) whose mission is to empower Ichiba (Rakuten’s E-Commerce Marketplace), Rakuten Mobile, and Ad businesses by accelerating monetization and realization of data value chain.

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