Provide consulting through AI/Data solutions to C&E Company, especially Rakuten Mobile business

This group of consultants in the data science consulting section aims to provide AI/data-based solutions for the Rakuten Mobile business. Rakuten Mobile Network is the world’s first fully virtualized cloud-native based network and consultants in this group are working to solve key pain points of Rakuten mobile using their insights and data/AI. There are several initiatives which are driven by this group for improving Rakuten Mobile business like acquiring new customers based on the location of newly placed antennas, leveraging geo data solutions to optimize the location of new offline Rakuten Mobile shops which will drive maximum customer acquisition and sales, optimize placement of new antennas to ensure maximum coverage and minimized call drops, voice AI solutions for Link app (it is a communication application like WhatsApp for Rakuten Mobile users) with voice command support for frequently performed actions, virtual assistants for handling customer care section for improved resolution time and reduced operational cost, AI-based language translation support in various Rakuten Mobile services, to name a few.