Name : Amy
Department : Data Science Consulting Department (DSCD)
Group : Data Science & Analytics section/Explainable AI group

Who are you?

I joined Rakuten in 2017. I already spent more than 4 years in Global Data Supervisory Department as a Data Scientist, and recently start to challenge myself to lead a data science and consulting team. I am enjoying the work here not only because I can play with various data and provide interesting insights to solve business challenges, but also we can get feedback quickly from our stakeholders so that we can understand how our work contribute to business. What’s more important, working environment here is great. I have grown a lot in past years thanks to the projects I experienced and thanks to feedback from my colleagues and managers.

Why Rakuten?

There are 3 main reasons why I decide to join Rakuten.

1. Rakuten‘s mission and good leadership. Leaders in Rakuten are creating new values to society and leading innovations using technology and big data, I believe good mission and leaders will be the beacon of my career as long term.

2. Rakuten culture and people. Rakuten togethered diverse talents from all over the world who want to empower the society via technology, eager to challenge themselves and think independently to find solutions. I am always excited to work together with excellent colleagues.

3. Rakuten services and data. I was seeking a data science job which is close to business. Rakuten is the perfect one in Japan because it offers a variety of services in different industries and has big data.

What do you do?

I am working in Data Science Consulting Department under Global Data Supervisory Department now. I conduct and lead team to conduct analysis using Rakuten big data to deliver insights to help our brands to achieve their business goals, for example, increase sales, acquire new users, manage existing uses, market testing. Our mission is to scale brand business with Explainable AI, so we focus on make AI explainable, enrich our model input features, build new data marketing business and bridge brand business with Explainable AI research. Our projects cover different industries like fashion, foods & beverages, toiletries, electronic devices, cosmetics and so on.

What excite you in your work?

Here are three of the things that make me exciting in my work.

The first one is, work in Global Data Supervisory Department allows us to touch with many different Rakuten service data, which means we can experience totally different projects and think bigger to come up the data-driven solutions for business challenges.

The second one is, we work closely with business teams and clients,  which means we can get the first hand information about business problems we want to solve, and get feedback of our solutions at the first timing.

The last one is people we are working together are very talented. I’m always learn something new from managers and members, we created a very cool learning culture in team to keep growth together.