Rakuten Institute of Technology collaborates with Rakuten Medical Inc. to cure cancer using AI

Rakuten Institute of Technology (RIT), which is the core AI research wing of Rakuten, is collaborating with Rakuten Medical Inc. a subsidiary of Rakuten Group, that deals with finding innovative techniques to cure cancer, to utilize the power of AI and data science for aiding bio-scientists in devising cure for cancer. RIT has devised various deep learning based algorithms to aid photoimmunotherapy, an immunotherapy technique that uses light to kill cancer cells. As of now, the team has worked on algorithms to predict gene sequences, blood proteins, immunohistochemistry biomarkers that characterizes various types of cells. The algorithm differentiates cancerous cells from non-cancerous ones, and a combination of genomics, proteomics, and immunohistochemistry to predict the response of patients to photoimmunotherapy. The scientists in RIT and bio-scientists in Rakuten Medical are hopeful that this collaboration will bring about the next big breakthrough in the world AI-powered cancer therapy.