Rakuten’s Data Platform Department promotes the utilisation of Data by creating a community of skilled workforce. 

Rakuten AI’s Data Platform Department (DPD) is committed to upskilling by providing cutting-edge training programs for its employees. Data analytics has become a key skill that gives people more opportunities to assume bigger roles in the organization. The latest addition to the arsenal of existing programs is the flagship three-month program of Advanced Tableau Analytics. The program not only gives hands-on-training of Tableau, but also inculcates analytical thinking.

This program aims to provide critical business problem solving skills to our employees by leveraging the data visualization and analytics functions of Tableau. Each candidate gets a mentor who will guide them to their goals, a community of Tableau experts & enthusiasts to continue learning and sharing knowledge, and exclusive doubt clearing sessions which helps them in implementing the newly learned skills in their day-to-day life.

So far, the training has produced ~150 skilled Tableau Analytics graduates from this program in Japan. Additionally, the program is now being implemented in Rakuten AI’s Singapore offices, thereby making it a global upskilling initiative.  

This type of upskilling programs prepares the participants to play a pivotal role in their department and encourage them to make data-driven business decisions. It will result in instilling a data-driven business culture for the future AI-oriented society.  This way, Rakuten not only meets the need of the skilled workforce, but also provide them with much-needed opportunities for learning & development and contributes towards their career aspirations.