Rakuten Institute of Technology contributes significantly to gain a deeper understanding of Rakuten customers

Rakuten operates more than 70 different services, and e-commerce and Fintech services such as Rakuten card are the largest business in the industry with more than 100 million IDs in Japan and 1.4 billion customers across the globe. With this large and deep customer data, Rakuten is one of the best positioned company to innovate understanding of human being in terms of how people spend money and time. Research scientists in the customer program group have made significant progress to further deepen the understanding of Rakuten customers by taking several initiatives. Research scientists are building customer models to predict inferred customer attributes like marital status, income level, etc. to aid customer profiling. This has benefited Rakuten marketers to profile customers more precisely and target customers with personalized content. Research scientists are also actively contributing to AIris, which is the prospect targeting model build by Rakuten. Using AIris, marketers can select prospective users who have a better probability of converting.