Data Science Consulting team develops AI-based models for predicting user buying behavior

The data science consulting department in Rakuten has developed two interesting new AI-based predictive models for Rakuten Fintech businesses, one that predicts if a given user will buy an asset, while the other predicts the margin trade’s interest. The predictive models have been built using data from Rakuten Fintech companies trading business. The group believes that these models are of strategic importance as they represent the first step for building the CustomerDNA model for Rakuten Fintech companies which will be used to get a deeper understanding of the customer and will be used for better customer profiling, and consequently personalized recommendation of products. The motivation behind the initiative was the fact that despite having a good customer base, customers took interest in only a select few products and services of Rakuten Fintech companies, which depicted in low average revenue per user. Using these models, marketers in Rakuten Fintech companies can find out the propensity of users to purchase any financial product. This will help the marketers to target the right financial product to the right customers to improve the average revenue per user.