Rakuten’s catalog department provides product matching as a service for its businesses

Rakuten Catalog Platform works on a service that matches products from an external site with products available in Rakuten catalog. This helps Rakuten and sellers on Rakuten platform to know which products are in high demand and stoke them accordingly, the recommended selling price of the product which can give Rakuten’s sellers a competitive advantage, the variants of products that are most sought after, etc. Product matching serves as the backbone of both price intelligence (price information of products in various competitor platform) as well as product intelligence (which products to stock that are in demand). This initiative has started with Price Magic use case, a browser plugin that pops up whenever a user (who have the plugin installed) browses competitor sites of Rakuten Rewards (a cashback e-commerce player in USA). The plugin identifies what product is being browsed, matches it with products in Rakuten Rewards catalog, and if it founds the same/similar product at a lesser price, it gives suggestion to the user to complete the purchase from Rakuten Rewards instead of the current website he/she is browsing. Both ID based and non-ID based matching techniques are being used for product matching