AI generated banners to improve conversion rates and decrease designing costs

The vision research scientists in Rakuten Institute of Technology have generated aesthetically pleasing banners from raw images and texts using advanced computer vision techniques. The benefits of this initiative are twofold: firstly, it creates aesthetically pleasing banners that is expected to improve the conversion rate and click through rate of advertisement banners, and secondly it helps Rakuten in reducing the cost and time it incurs to design numerous ad banners for its marketplace and other businesses. The automatic banner generating system takes product images and text descriptions as input, and gives out several design variations of the product banner. The technology involved is localizing and extracting the foreground object from the product image and identifying the key points in the product, placing the extracted object (product) in another background, identifying areas to place text in the resulting image, and finally placing the text to produce an aesthetically pleasing banner in very short span of time