Empower Rakuten’s businesses by accelerating monetization by realizing the value of data

The strategic business consulting group in the data science consulting division has the goal to empower Rakuten’s businesses by devising an accelerated monetization strategy using data and AI. There are several initiatives being undertaken by this group that affects Rakuten Ichiba, the e-commerce marketplace business of Rakuten in Japan, Rakuten mobile, Media and sports business in Rakuten, and advertisement businesses. Few noteworthy projects undertaken by this group over the past includes Integrated Digital Marketing solution for National Clients by providing interpretable AI-based models for improving conversion, making all Rakuten Ads inventories programmatic and personalized using CustomerDNA and AIris (Rakuten’s target prospecting model), location-based targeted Ads content for Rakuten businesses, introducing insight KPI and breakdown of P&L to indicate improving point of various businesses, to name a few.