Empower Fintech businesses and accelerate monetization by realization of the Data Value Chain

Fintech consulting group is another section of data science consulting department that solve pain points for fintech businesses of Rakuten by providing them solutions based on Rakuten’s rich data and advanced data science technologies. The primary businesses that gets benefited from this group’s initiatives are Rakuten Bank, Rakuten Card, Rakuten Insurance, and Rakuten Securities. There are several initiatives undertaken by this group to add more value to these businesses, namely, establishing a marketing platform for automated and streamlined Analysis, enhancing cross-usage across Rakuten group by leading users of other Rakuten services to Rakuten Bank, Securities, and Insurance, adding premium users by AI based targeting and personalization, churn analysis for customer retention, etc. Two high impact new initiatives that has been undertaken by this group are AI-based credit scoring in collaboration with Rakuten Institute of Technology (the core AI research wing of Rakuten Group) and buy now pay later initiatives which find users and products eligible for the scheme as well as the credit limit for various user segment