On a mission to collect, enrich, and provision company wide data with appropriate data governance

The key focus areas of data platform section are to collect data from various sources inside and outside Rakuten, manage them in a centralized repository, enrich the data by cleaning and standardizing it, and provision it to various businesses inside as well as outside clients in strict adherence with all data governance policies. There are several downstream applications like KPI monitoring and strategic analysis, marketing optimization and personalization, AI initiatives, and monetization using data, that are supported by them. Geo data mart is an initiative which collects location based data for several Rakuten services, enriches them, and makes them available for location based targeting of ads for marketers in several Rakuten businesses. Being a centralized repository of most Rakuten businesses data, data platform section helps businesses and marketers to analyze cross service usage of Rakuten users/customers to derive key insights and take actions for promoting cross usage. Latest development in this section includes development of the next generation data platform architecture which will be much faster, efficient, and cost effective than the incumbent one