Name : Tasuku
Department : Data Science Consulting Department (DSCD)
Group : Strategic Business Consulting section/Commerce group

Who are you?

Joined as a New Graduate in 2009. Spent 7 years as EC Consultant (Sales) in Rakuten Ichiba, supporting more than 1,000 clients in total selling various product genres from interior, food, fashion, appliances to niche products. Changed my career to GDSD in 2015, in order to utilize Data to the market. Experienced Project Management, Product Management, Marketing, and Data Consulting through 5 years in this organization.

Why Rakuten?

Through the consulting work as an EC Consultant in Ichiba, I realized that the impact range of myself is limited. Though I was enjoying the work, but I started to think I want to contribute more to the industry, and if I join the team which can start new campaigns and strategies which will benefit everyone supported by evidence, in this case, data proof, I will have more effect.

What do you do?

I am now in Data Science Consulting Department, which manages client facing in GDSD. We are responsible to communicate and consider the next steps with potential possibilities of revenue generation in each businesses. Commerce Company has most of the Online Services / Platforms, such as Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten Travel, GORA (Golf Course Reservation), Rakuten Beauty, Logistics, Rakuma (C2C Service), Online Gambling, and etc.

I am in charge of the role “PIC” in GDSD, who will be responsible to gather all the information such as WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHEN, and HOW, our 200+ GDSD members are working for Commerce Company, and to communicate with Company CDO. This will include Financial Management, Strategy Management, and Project Management.
I am also in charge of 2 specific projects.

What excite you in your work?

When you are in GDSD, you will face many challenging business issues. Many businesses have great Marketers, Strategists, Engineers, and Analysts, however, you will often see cases they lack the professional science resources. This is when GDSD want to make contributions, collaborating and partnering with businesses. Literally “anything” could be the solution to resolve the situation. Often you’ll receive ad hoc requests to work on the specific issues, but I believe we should foresee the root issue to have bigger impact of data utilization. This consideration of scalability is one of the common thinking process in GDSD.