Rakuten’s Data consulting team helps a major brand to acquire top spot in Japanese online market

Rakuten’s Data consulting team, whose mission is to empower businesses by working on their priority to monetize with data& AI, has helped a major brand attain the top spot in the Japanese consumer online market by improving their market share in Rakuten Ichiba, a top e-commerce platform in Japan. Using the power of data and AI, the consultancy team helped to improve quarterly sales by almost 2X. This envious feat was accomplished by optimizing the clients brand gateway page (that allowed the client to set up an optimized brand page in Rakuten Ichiba) by utilizing Rakuten’s CustomerDNA for better profiling and leverage AIris (Rakuten’s prospect targeting service that gives lookalike based on chosen customer profiles) to target prospective customers with relevant content. This has demonstrated the power of Rakuten’s rich data and data science expertise to help national clients to improve sales