Customer centricity and personalization forms the crux of Rakuten’s customer research group

Several data departments in Rakuten work closely to form the customer research group. The primary focus of the group is to know about the customer as much as possible, from their buying behavior, usage statistics, browsing history, etc. There is a plethora of services Rakuten owns for understanding more about its customer, and use those insights to improve customer experience throughout their entire journey in Rakuten’s ecosystem. CustomerDNA forms the base of customer information. As the name suggests, CustomerDNA literally means all the information that is available for the customer, along with few information that can be predicted for the customer based on their behavior inside Rakuten ecosystem. Building on top of CustomerDNA is PITARI, the A/B testing platform that is used by Rakuten marketers to target specific customer profiles identified by CustomerDNA and personalize the ads based on their preference. PITARI also delivers various of our science solutions to achieve personalization for better customer experience. AIris is another important data solution that builds on customer profiles obtained from CustomerDNA and finds lookalikes, i.e. customers with similar profiles, thereby improving customer acquisition by optimized target prospecting. Channel solutions are used to optimize email and other customer communication campaigns by using sophisticated AI algorithms and Rakuten’s vast knowledge about its customers.